A ronin is a samurai who has no master. They wandered ancient Japan taking up odd jobs and renting out their services. Where the ronin offered their swords, I offer my pen. I am a proudly self-determined writer who is glad to take up any job, great or small.

Every day I try to learn and experience new things. The infinite wonder of the universe provides endless opportunity for adventures. My favorite thing is to enjoy these adventures with friends, and to share my stories with others.

At the very core, all people are storytellers. Whether it is a full length motion picture or a chat over a cup of coffee, most of what makes up the human experience is the communication of ideas. For this reason, I am always looking for opportunities to write. I would like to share what I’ve seen with as many people as possible.

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  1. Just read your article, “4 Facts That Prove Godzilla Is The Most Thoughtful Movie About Nuclear War Ever” after having watched the 1954 release several times. I’d been fascinated by the obvious intent of the film and, from an historical standpoint, a look into the postwar psyche of many Japanese, including the effects of the Lucky Dragon incident. Your article brought these issues into focus for me and informed me further. A real pleasure to read. Thank you.

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