The Theory of Evolution

Scientists recently uncovered a fossil of a Homo erectus scull in current day Georgia (Asia). This discovery provides new clues into how humans developed. It suggests that a single species of Homo erectus left Africa and populated the globe. Homo erectus is the first species in the genus homo, which is believed to have evolved into Homo sapiens, the scientific name for the human species. Continue reading “The Theory of Evolution”

Bioethics in a Burger

This week a burger made entirely in a lab was sampled for the first time, and it apparently tasted pretty good. The meat was made from cow stem cells, taken in a normal harmless biopsy. These cells were then grown and eventually ground into a burger. The prospect of growing meat instead of farming livestock could revolutionize the food industry. Meat demand is predicted to double in the next 40 years, and livestock farming already takes up 70% of global agricultural capacity. Continue reading “Bioethics in a Burger”

Animal Intelligence Is Underestimated

Yogi may be “smarter than the average bear,” but Ayumu is smarter than the average human. The chimpanzee featured in a 2007 Kyoto University memory study out performed a group of University students and even the British memory champion Ben Pridmore. The test involved a random series of number 1 through 9 briefly flashing on a screen for a fraction of a second. Ayumu proved that in some functions, animal brains can outperform their human counterparts. Continue reading “Animal Intelligence Is Underestimated”

The Art of Conversation and Technology

Admit it, you have sent a text message because you didn’t feel like talking to a person over the phone, let alone in person. You’ve copied an email to your boss to cover yourself. You’ve probably also posted something on Facebook that you came to regret later. Computers and the Internet have changed communication drastically. The invention is comparable to the printing press in its scope and influence. Continue reading “The Art of Conversation and Technology”