What Will Tomorrow Bring?

The march of technology has been constantly picking up pace throughout the ages. In the past 100 years humans have discovered flight, space travel, and computers. The next 100 years are even more difficult to predict. Will it be a “great big beautiful tomorrow?” Continue reading “What Will Tomorrow Bring?”

Cloning Alphas, Betas and Replacement Organs

Have you ever wanted a second you to go to work while you go fishing? Well, science is closer than ever to achieving just that. And don’t worry about the clone demanding equal rights and to go fishing with you. Through gene manipulation you can make the clone quite subservient, as illustrated in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Are subhuman slaves not for you? How about a living organ bank? Through gene manipulation you can even remove its potential for consciousness, so you don’t have to feel bad when you need that new liver. Yes, cloning technology is a modern miracle with unlimited potential. Continue reading “Cloning Alphas, Betas and Replacement Organs”

Area 51

The C.I.A. has finally admitted the existence of Area 51. No, they haven’t admitted there were aliens there. Pretty much, the C.I.A. has come clean on what we knew all along: Area 51 was used as a proving ground for cutting edge spy plane technology. The U-2 spy plane was built there, captured Russian MiGs were experimented on, and the B2 stealth bomber and F117 stealth fighter were created there. Continue reading “Area 51”


There have been approximately 107,602,707,791 people born in the history of the earth, according to estimates by the Population Reference Bureau. Are all these lives independent, or have a few souls accounted for several lifetimes? If you have ever felt that this isn’t your first ride on the Merry-Go-Round, it is possible that you have been reincarnated and have past lives. Continue reading “Reincarnation”

When the Sky Really Falls

It’s becoming more and more likely that the monolith of human civilization shall finally, mercifully collapse in upon its self. Whether it be nuclear war, economic catastrophe or bloodthirsty zombie hoards, the result will be the same. Then, as chaos spreads throughout the streets and all of Man’s technological marvels unravel, who will survive, nay, thrive? The Preppers will. Continue reading “When the Sky Really Falls”

10 Probable Ways Society Will Collapse

  1. Solar Flare: A large solar event has the potential to knock out electrical systems across the world. This threat is so serious that the United Kingdom’s Cabinet Office has added it to the list of National Civil Emergencies, alongside terrorism and pandemics. Imagine for a second that all or most civilian electrical systems world-wide turn off at the same time. You are sitting in your office or home, waiting for it to come back on. Your phone doesn’t work, so you don’t know what’s going on. Your car won’t start, unless it’s pretty old. How long before people realize they can start looting? How long will it take to get power back up? The entire grid has just gone down, and you don’t even know it.

Continue reading “10 Probable Ways Society Will Collapse”

What Will I Have For Lunch Tomorrow?

Do you ever get the feeling that something isn’t right? Have you had a strong feeling that you need to leave a place, not get on an airplane or not get in the car? Has your gut ever been right? Premonitions occur continually in everyday life, but it isn’t clear if they reflect a psychic ability or a subliminal perception of events. Continue reading “What Will I Have For Lunch Tomorrow?”