Appealing a Property Appraisal

Home values have been down since the housing bubble burst. So, you may feel cheated when your home is being appraised at higher values than before for property taxes. How can the value of your home be increasing when you can’t even sell it for a reduced price? You can check listings at MLS and the National Association of Realtors to try and get an estimate of the real market value of your house. If you do find a discrepancy, you have the right to fight the appraisal and potentially lower your property taxes. Continue reading “Appealing a Property Appraisal”

A Falcons Face Lift

Professional football stadiums are born with expiration dates, and it seems that the Georgia Dome is nearing its own. However, it isn’t because the foundation is crumbling or infrastructure is getting too old. Like an iPhone, there are just newer models of stadium available. New technology, such as wireless internet capability and other luxuries are raising the bar on what passes for a quality football experience around the country. But these improvements come at a price. Continue reading “A Falcons Face Lift”

Andrea Sneiderman Guilty

Andrea Sneiderman was found guilty of 9 of 13 counts today. She was found guilty of four counts of perjury, three counts of making false statements, one count of concealment of material facts, and one count of hindering the apprehension of a criminal. Each of the perjury charges carries 1-10 years and the rest carry 1-5 years. This adds up to a maximum possible sentence of 65 years if they are served consecutively instead of concurrently. Sentencing is scheduled for tomorrow. Continue reading “Andrea Sneiderman Guilty”