Can You Be Addicted to Pornography?

Compulsive use is probably a better word for it than addiction. What constitutes “too much” pornography is anyone’s guess: 25% of all search engine requests are pornography related, 35% of all downloads are pornographic, and “sex” is the number one searched term on the internet. In America, 40 million people are regular visitors to porn sites. Continue reading “Can You Be Addicted to Pornography?”

Are You Ugly?

Being ugly carries with it some serious disadvantages. Physically attractive people can expect to make an average of 10%-15% more money over the course of their lives. They are less likely to be convicted of crimes and are given shorter sentences. Physically attractive political candidates receive about 2.5 times as many votes. All of this stems from the “halo effect”: we automatically attribute positive characteristics to physical beauty. Continue reading “Are You Ugly?”

Anxious America

Everyone has had that feeling in the pit of their stomach. Did I remember to lock the door? Am I going to be able to pay the bills on time? Will I get sick before the big presentation? Is something bad about to happen? These questions are the result of uncertainty which transforms into anxiety. Unlike fear, it is a general state that follows you day in and day out. Anxiety can change behavior and destroy lives. Continue reading “Anxious America”

ADHD Diagnoses are on the Rise

A recent analysis of CDC data by The New York Times found that 11% of school age children are diagnosed with some form of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Boys are more likely to receive the diagnosis than girls (15% to 7%), and one out of five high school boys diagnosed with ADHD. The amount of children diagnosed with ADHD has increased 16% since 2007 and 53% in the past decade. Considering the diagnostic changes proposed for the DSM-V, that number is only going up. Continue reading “ADHD Diagnoses are on the Rise”

Getting It off Your Chest

Carrying around a secret shame will weigh you down. Let’s face it: we all have our faults and we all screw up. Confessing our shortcomings helps the body, mind and soul. By admitting, out loud, that we have at times failed to measure up to our own standards, we can realize the universal nature of failing and free ourselves from the weight of guilt. Continue reading “Getting It off Your Chest”