The Sixth Sense

Some people claim to see what cannot be seen. Palm readers, tarot cards and crystal balls; these are all the images conjured when you think of psychics. Outside of the stereotypes, however, there actually is substantial evidence supporting certain psychic phenomenon. Even the U.S. government attests to its reality.

A series of CIA sponsored experiments were conducted by the Stanford Research Institute starting in 1972 about the possibility of being able to see an object using psychic powers. The phenomenon is referred to as remote viewing, and the results of the experiments are surprising. While much of the program is still classified, there are several released studies where a person was asked to draw and describe the contents of a closed box. The accuracy was then determined by a third party, and the results were significant.

Further experiments involved getting a remote GPS location and describing the contents. One targeted a top secret site in West Virginia and another one targeted a site in the Urals. In each instance, neither the remote viewers nor the researchers knew the actual layout of the bases. Yet later information verified the accuracy of the reports. The ring on Jupiter was also predicted in one study, before it was even discovered.

The purpose of the program was mainly to determine the potential threat from Soviet psy-research. The results were significant, independently verified and repeatable. Some of the notable psychics involved were Hella Hammid, Ingo Swann and Pat Price. The declassified portions of the experiments were released in 1995.

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