People are rude. Everyone has experienced a person so absorbed in their own world that they have no consideration for the world around them. They are the ones who are speaking on a cell phone while the sandwich person is trying to take their order. They are the people who flip the bird at you after they cut you off. They cut in line, they text at dinner, and block the entire aisle with their grocery cart. The very worst part is that most of us are this person.

Common courtesy is the currency of societal interaction. Unfortunately, most of us never bother to pay off our debts. In a society increasingly structured without a true sense of community, we lack connections to most of the people we encounter in everyday life. We do not know the person behind the Starbucks counter. We don’t think we’ll ever see him again. So we feel no qualms about being rude to the poor person. After all, it is their job to take our abuse with a smile.

With the F.C.C. considering allowing people to use cell phones on airplanes, the question moves from one of technology to one of basic etiquette. It is impolite to yap away loudly in close quarters. Instead of having people be forced to perhaps strike up a conversation with a stranger, this will provide another opportunity for people to ignore those around them.


Podcast – Rude – The Adam Goldfein Show – Hour 1

Podcast – Rude – The Adam Goldfein Show – Hour 2



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