Syria is Unraveling

With reports from Russia coming out that the Syrian rebels have used chemical weapons, a conflict that has claimed over 40,000 lives continues to descend into chaos. All the while the Obama Administration does nothing. All of our policies are reactionary. We see smoke, but we wait for a fire. We can be sure that Iran is not taking such a passive role.

How will the rest of the world react to these accusations? Is Russia simply spreading lies to further their agenda? U.S. officials deny that there is any evidence to back up the accusations. Would the reaction be different if these accusations were aimed at Assad? The bottom line is that the United States, the Beacon on a Hill, has sat idly by while carnage has unfolded in Syria. We need a policy in place now to address a war that will have long lasting ramifications. Otherwise, we will have no say in the events that follow, even those that directly affect us.

Additional Resources

Reuters, Russia Says Syrian Rebels Used Chemical Arms near Aleppo:

AP, U.S. Official Says There Is No Evidence Syrian Rebels or Assad’s Regime Used Chemical Weapons:


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