Sometimes it is quick and painless. Sometimes it is slow and painful. Sometimes it happens suddenly, and sometimes it is long expected. Sometimes it comes too soon, and sometimes it comes later than it should. As sure as the sun rises, it too will set. Death eventually finds us all. Continue reading “Dying”

Dead Marriage

Just because no one is filing for divorce, it doesn’t mean that a marriage is alive and healthy. The reasons for staying together may vary, from children, to finances, to complacency. But the spark is gone, the romance lost, the relationship is barren. You might not even like each other. So what do you do to try and reanimate a dead marriage and how do you know when resuscitation is futile? Continue reading “Dead Marriage”


The highest medal in the U.S. is the Medal of Honor, an acknowledgement for courage and gallantry in battle. This value, courage, is respected and revered as one of the greatest qualities a person can have. But courage is not reserved to those who bravely put themselves in the line of fire. Courage is not the sole province of those who give their lives in the defense of others. There are acts of courage, great and small, that every person has the ability to achieve. They are found in the daily choices we are faced with, and our resoluteness when dealing with our fears. Continue reading “Courage”


The government shutdown is over, and the debt ceiling has been raised… at least for now. The government is now funded through January 15, and the debt ceiling will not be hit again until February 7. Without any large agreement, this debate will begin anew in about three months. Thus far, the Democrats and Republicans in D.C. have been unable to reach a true compromise. Continue reading “Compromise”

An Empty Nest Allows You to Finally Fly

So after 18 (or more) long years, the kids are out of the house. However, you can’t seem to shake a feeling of melancholy. “It sure will be quiet around here.” You are feeling a twinge of empty nest syndrome, and you are wondering why you aren’t happier for your child’s accomplishment. It’s a natural response, and there are many ways to turn the empty nest into an opportunity to grow and live life like never before. Continue reading “An Empty Nest Allows You to Finally Fly”

Animals Are Used for More than Food

When you run into someone covered in tattoos who is telling you that eating a cheeseburger is murder, take it with a grain of salt. Most tattoo inks, especially black and green, contain animal byproducts. Starbrite ink offers vegan friendly ink alternatives to traditional ink, but some inks that claim to be vegan are not. Make sure you read all the ingredients before an ironic tattoo follows you to the grave. Continue reading “Animals Are Used for More than Food”

Spoiled Adults Have Spoiled Kids

By comparing the standard of living and the consumerism of 1980 and today, it is easy to see that we simply have more stuff now. Since we, as adults, have more, it is only natural that our children have more. The difference is that adults remember a time when they had less, when for kids this is all they know. Continue reading “Spoiled Adults Have Spoiled Kids”