Internet Dating from the Helpful to the Strange

More and more people are finding love online. Some 40 million Americans have tried internet dating, according to Statistic Brain. Sites like eHarmony and cater to anyone looking for love. Their memberships are 20 million and 15 million respectively.

In the past year, 17% of marriages met online. Although there are some online dating horror stories, it is the means to true love for many happy couples. Especially when a site vets its members, matchmaking sites can be a lot more effective than bar trolling.

You can also seek out potential mates based on common interests. Sites like Christian Singles and cater to people with common religions. Outdoor Dating caters to adventurous persons who love the great outdoors. Some sites like Senior People Meet cater to older crowds and divorcees. Farmers Only caters to…. farmers.

If you have a particularly unique taste, you can find a site for you as well. Sea Captain Date offers matchmaking opportunities for those who have an open marriage with the sea. Vampersonals provides love for vampires. Daily Diapers finds companionship for those who like to wear diapers and act like babies. Niche sites run the gambit, and you can find other like-minded individuals no matter what your tastes.

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Statistics Brain Online Dating Statistics:

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