Internet Dating from the Helpful to the Strange

More and more people are finding love online. Some 40 million Americans have tried internet dating, according to Statistic Brain. Sites like eHarmony and cater to anyone looking for love. Their memberships are 20 million and 15 million respectively. Continue reading “Internet Dating from the Helpful to the Strange”

Have You Seen the Light?

You’re flat lining. The light is fading from your eyes as doctors yell something and rush you down a hallway of florescent lights. Suddenly, you feel like your floating and you are moving through a dark tunnel. At the end of a tunnel is a bright light. You rush toward it and become engulfed by it. But then you wake up, sitting in a hospital bed. The doctor tells you that your heart had stopped for a solid two minutes. As you try to explain what you saw and felt in your time out, you realize that you are among the 4-9% of people who have had a near-death experience (NDE). Continue reading “Have You Seen the Light?”

U.F.O Sightings

Are they illusions, swap gas, weather balloons, experimental aircrafts or proof of intelligent extraterrestrial life? In 2011, Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) reported averaging 500 UFO sightings per month. In the past year sightings have been reported all around Georgia, including one which was videotaped in Cumming. But are they really indications of advanced intelligent life from beyond the moon? Continue reading “U.F.O Sightings”